Safety Glass

Bohflam® fire-rated glass

Explore our comprehensive selection of fire-resistant glass, providing different levels of protection. The performance of fire-resistant glass is measured in terms of integrity, which refers to the duration the glass remains intact during a fire, and insulation, which quantifies the glass’s ability to restrict temperature rise on the non-fire side.

Bohflam® fire-rated safety glass range:

  • Bohflam® EI30 15mm
  • Bohflam® EI60 25mm
  • Bohflam® EI90 39mm
  • Bohflam® EI120 55mm
  • Bohflam® EW120 13mm
  • Bohflam® Clearview EI30 21mm

Armex® safety glass

Armex® Glass – bulletproof glass, also known as ballistic glass or bullet-resistant glass, is a specialized type of glass designed to resist penetration from bullets or other ballistic threats. It is engineered to provide protection against ballistic attacks while maintaining transparency and visibility.

BR resistance class according to EN 1063:

  • BR4S – 28,8mm (.44 Rem Magnum)
  • BR4NS – 19,5mm (.44 Rem Magnum)
  • BR5NS – 35,3mm (5.56×45)
  • BR6S – 43,2mm (7.62×51)
  • BR6NS – 35,0mm (7.62×51)
  • BR7S – 57,4mm (7.62×51)
  • BR7NS – 53,6mm (7.62×51)

BR resistance class compliant with STANAG 4569 / AEP-55:

  • Level 1 – 79,0mm (7.62×51 NATO Ball (M80/SS109) / 5.56×45 NATO (M193))
  • Level 2 – 59,0mm (7,62 x 39 API BZ)

Electromagnetic isolated glass EMC

Electromagnetic isolated glass, also known as electromagnetic shielding glass or EMF (Electromagnetic Field) shielding glass, is a specialized type of glass designed to block or attenuate electromagnetic radiation. It is used to create a shielded environment, preventing the penetration of electromagnetic waves from external sources or containing electromagnetic emissions within a specific area.

PrivaControl® glass

Our decorative glass offers remarkable versatility, providing complete design freedom and customizable options to meet various requirements.

With our wide range of decorative glass options, you can effortlessly enhance privacy with our Priva-Control® and fulfill any aesthetic or practical needs you may have with silk print on the glass. Discover the endless possibilities of our decorative glass for your unique project.

Impact-Resistant Glass

Enhance your security with antiburglar impact-resistant glass.

Antiburglar impact-resistant glass, also referred to as security glass or burglar-resistant glass, is a specialized form of safety glass designed to provide optimal protection against forced entry and break-ins. By combining impact resistance with advanced security features, this glass offers an effective deterrent and delay against unauthorized access. It withstands blunt force impacts from tools like hammers, crowbars, and even attempts to shoot or break through the glass.